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Cold Formed Product Capabilities

Manufacturing different grades of steel involve more than simply altering the chemical composition of the metal. The particular manufacturing process can also significantly impact the final product. At Grob Inc., we specialize in the manufacture of cold-formed products. Our experienced team of engineers can manufacture custom spline shafts, spur gears, broached sleeves, timing belt pulleys, flanged bushings, and more. Learn more about our cold forming process and capabilities here.

Cold Forming Process: Grob Rolling

The Grob Rolling process uses custom equipment that Grob Inc has developed over the last century. This equipment combines the process of standard cold forming and forging. It uses formed tooling that strikes and rolls over the surfaces of a round bar. This causes the material to move or flow into the correct shape for the final desired profile. This is all done cold or at rooming temperature giving all the advantages for cold forming and cold forging.

The Grob Rolling Process makes metal stronger by rearranging its grain structure over the whole profile. Most strength is gained in the profile of the material, where strength is most important. The cold-forming process produces a very high-quality surface finish as well These properties give many advantages to the final product.

Benefits of Grob Cold-Forming Profiles

Grob Cold-rolled steel products have many advantages over machining products, such as:

  • Increased strength: Grob Cold-rolled steel product have more strength. This attribute makes these products better suited for high-stress applications.
  • Better surface finishes: Products composed by the Grob Rolling Method have very smooth surface finish that will result in a smooth running final product.
  • No waste: This process pushes and squeezes the metal into the correct shape resulting in no wasted material.
  • Decreased operations: The need to heat treat or grind the final part can be eliminated and finish parts can be made with fewer steps at a lower cost.

Cold Forming Capabilities

At Grob Inc., we provide custom manufacturing capabilities to meet unique needs. Our team of experts has the skills and advanced cold forging machines to manufacture custom products to almost any customer specifications. Here are the sizes, profiles, and materials we can work with:

SizeDiameter of 0.25” to 6”
LengthStandard size is 6′ to 12′, but we can manufacture up to 24ft
Tolerance This varies on the product, but is usually between 0.001”-0.008”
MaterialSteel, Stainless, Brass, Aluminum, Copper, as well as most materials with an HRC less than 44

Types of Products We Cold Form

Here are some of the cold forged parts we provide at Grob.

Spline Shafts

We manufacture Grob Standard spline shafts and custom spline shafts for use as replacement parts or proprietary components. Grob cold formed splines will offer maximum torsional strength, even load distribution, and higher power transmission. We can make them out of almost any material and at any length to fit your application and needs.

Spur Gears

Our standard cold formed spur gears are available in aluminum alloys and mild to medium carbon steel. We also customize spur gears to meet different customer specifications, such as minor and major diameters, involute profiles, backlash, and other materials.

Timing Belt Pulleys

Timing belt pulleys serve various motor transfer applications, such as transferring rotary motion from one shaft to the next and decreasing or increasing speed. Given the important role they play, they must be designed carefully to reduce drag and vibration. You can select the materials and design per your specifications and we can produce it. Our machines can produce small pulleys for printers and other small equipment or large pulleys for heavy industrial equipment.

Heat Exchanger Tubes and Drums

Our custom heat exchanger tubes and drums are fluted to increase surface enhancement or to lower liquid surface tension. These can be made from many different materials and lengths depending on the needs with a limitless amount of profile possibilities.

Custom Shapes

If it fits in our capabilities we can make it. Square, hex, lobes, and an endless combination.

Cold Formed Products From Grob Inc.

Ordering cold-formed products can save you time and money while enhancing part quality. At Grob Inc., you can choose from more than 2,100+ profiles. If you do not find the profile you need, we can produce custom profiles to meet your exact specifications. To learn more about our capabilities, contact us online or call us today at (262) 377-1400. If you’re ready to start your order, request a quote.