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Cold Formed Timing Pulleys

Cold Formed Timing Pulleys

Precise positive drive action without slipping can be hard to achieve without the right timing belt pulleys. At Grob, Inc., we specialize in producing high-quality timing pulley stock for a variety of applications from precision and speed, to heavy-duty equipment, and everything in between. Our engineers are here to help you find the correct timing belt pulley stock for all your business’s needs.

Timing Pulley Profiles

Timing belt pulleys should be considered precision parts—choosing the correct profile for the desired application can greatly increase performance of the system. For instance, the GT series pulley uses a curvilinear profile that was designed to reduce backlash within the system, making it a great option when precise positioning is a requirement.

Grob, Inc. produces timing pulleys in a wide range of industry standard specifications to meet a diverse array of applications and industry requirements. That includes:

  • .080-MXL
  • 40DP-LT
  • 1/5-XL
  • 3/8-L
  • ½-H
  • HTD Series
  • GT Series
  • T Series
  • AT Series

Timing Pulley Pitch

The pitch on a timing belt pulley is the linear distance between teeth, when measured at the centerline. A larger pitch results in a larger tooth, and thus a greater capacity to transmit torque. Timing belt pulleys come in both standard and metric pitches.

Timing Pulley Geometry

Grob Inc. offers high quality timing belt pulley stock in bar lengths and is sold by the foot. This gives customers the flexibility to machine the pulley to fit their exact requirements.


Grob, Inc. specializes in cold formed aluminum and steel timing belt pulleys. But other materials are available upon request.

Timing Pulleys Geometry

Getting the Profile You Need from Grob, Inc.

Grob, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality timing pulley stock to our exacting standards which meets or exceeds industry standards for applications across many platforms. Our facility can produce pulleys with any number of teeth with outside diameters of up to six inches.

Our high-quality timing pulleys will make your machinery run smoother and longer with less vibration and error.

Contact us today to learn more about our standard timing pulleys or customization options.