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Forging Blanks

High-quality forging blanks are the foundation for creating standard components and innovative new products. At Grob, Inc., our engineering and manufacturing teams produce custom forging blanks that align with our client’s unique design parameters. We offer blanks with non-standard outer diameters to serve myriad industrial and commercial applications, from hydraulic motors to woodchipper machinery.

Learn more about our unique forging blank process, the materials we work with, and the benefits of partnering with us.

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Forging Blanks

What Is the Forging Blank Process?

Making forged blanks is the process of taking raw material and forming the OD to be finished dimensions or near-finished dimensions.

The forging blank process uses forging machinery and turning processes to transform metal blanks or ingots into specific shapes. Typically used as part of a multi-stage manufacturing operation, forging processes use a wide variety of hammering, rolling, pressing, and other forming techniques to achieve the right dimensions for a specific component. Each blank can then undergo identical finishing processes to mass-produce parts or different processes to create product variations with different finishes and specifications.

Forged blanks can reduce machining cycle times, reduce scrap for excess cutting, use less material overall, and make stronger parts when formed using a cold forming method.

Custom Outer Diameter Shapes

At Grob, Inc., we offer custom forging services. Our customers often need blanks with non-standard outer diameters or standard splines, gears, and pulleys, so we use tightly controlled cold-rolling processes to forge and shape the metal accordingly. As a result, the Grob Rolling process creates a tighter grain structure, which benefits motors requiring high strength at the root area. We can also produce unique shapes, including stars, squares, and contour profile configurations for applications other than standard pulleys and gears.

Innovative Outer Diameter Solutions

Sometimes, blanks also need non-standard outer diameters to fit the shape or size of complex parts. We use cold-forming processes to create highly precise inner diameters in custom blanks. Options include:

  • Non-standard roller teeth for gerotor and geroller motors
  • Star-shaped outer diameters for use in hydraulic motors
  • Patterns for cylindrical blanks with tight tolerances

Material Options for Every Need

We work with a wide variety of standard and non-standard metal materials to develop custom blanks. Because we use cold-forming techniques, the resulting parts have higher levels of strength and hardness when compared to an equivalent cast, machined, or hot-formed part. Our blanks also have smoother surface finishes with minimal finishing steps, resulting in faster, more productive order completion.

We work with the following metals:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum 2024 and 6061
  • Specialty steel alloys, including 1045, 1117, 1215, 4140, 4150, 4340, 8620, H1-11, 4130, 8630

Applications of Forging Blanks in Industry

We provide cold forming and forging services to create high-quality metal blanks for the following industries and applications:

  • Fluid Power Industry: blanks for geroller, gerotor, and hydraulic motors
  • Industrial Equipment: conveyors, spreader drives, vehicle wheels, and winches
  • Custom Machinery: demonstrate our capability to meet unique industry needs

Advantages of Choosing Grob Inc.’s Forging Blanks

At Grob, Inc., we developed our signature Grob Rolling process to produce blanks that are 20% stronger than hot-rolled steel blanks, consistently high in quality, and easy to work with. Our cold-formed blanks are known for the following attributes:

  • High strength, crucial for high-stress and high-wear applications
  • Outer and inner diameters that fall within tight tolerances and design parameters
  • Scale- and rust-resistance
  • Ground Quality surface finishes
  • Our process uses less material than conventional cutting or grinding processes.

Learn More About Our High-Quality Forging Blanks at Grob Inc.

Power your equipment and projects with high-quality cold-formed blanks from Grob Inc. Reach out today to learn more about our custom production options, or request a quote to start your order.