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Cold Formed Products Applications

As a family-owned and operated manufacturer of cold-formed products since 1951, Grob Inc. has employed over 60 technicians and a 100,000 square foot production facility that enable us to create top-quality components. We offer a wide selection of standard and custom cold-formed spline shafts, timing pulleys, spur gears, and more for a wide variety of applications. Specifically, we offer reliable solutions for applications in the automotive, commercial, defense, energy, healthcare, science, and machinery industries, among others.

We specialize in the creation of cold-formed gear, splines, pulleys, and custom shapes on bars with minimal material waste. Since 1929, it has been our mission to provide our customers with exceptional products at an affordable price while ensuring the highest quality in production and customer service.

Here is an overview of the different industries and applications that can benefit from the cold-formed products available at Grob Inc.

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Cold Rolled Applications

Aerospace & Aviation

Many applications involving aviation and Aerospace use spline shafts due to their ability to handle high-rotation speeds in the delivery of torque. Depending on the nature of a particular application, equipment may require different types of spline shafts and materials.

Types of Spline Shafts
Both internal and external spline shafts are available for various applications. In addition to these two main types, there are also two kinds of spline shafts that fall under each category. These include:

  • Involute splines, which feature curved and short teeth that are evenly spaced
  • Parallel splines, which are both straight-sided and short

Splines may feature various materials, depending on the equipment and environment involved in a given application. However, here at Grob, Inc., we specialize in cold-formed steel components as it provides a variety of benefits that other metals cannot, including increased strength & durability. Grob produces a large number of aluminum splines and profiles that are used in aerospace components. These can then be mated with plastic components that we machine and broach in our machine shop. Grob also has the ability to profile materials up to 44 HRC. This allows components to be made smaller to minimize weight while not sacrificing strength and durability. Additionally, we offer custom manufacturing capabilities for highly specific & unique profile needs.

In these industries, some of the specific applications for spline shafts include heavy machinery, transportation, leisure, and general industry and equipment, among others.


As far as agriculture is concerned, Grob Inc offers a variety of cold-formed products that can be utilized in agricultural machinery. The agricultural industry utilizes spline shafts, spur gears, custom shapes like squares, hex, and lobed profiles. Some systems that commonly contain these components are axles, transmission, PTO shafts, and hydraulic systems.

Our custom shapes, spur gears, and spline shafts offer a variety of benefits for the agricultural industry, including:

  • Increased strength, surface finish & wearing resistance
  • Customization for mechanical power or rotary movement transmission purposes
  • Deformation resistance
  • Increased force, torque & speed

Applications that utilize custom shapes, spur gears, and spline shafts in the agricultural industry include:

  • Truck, tractors & loaders
  • Devices that possess transmissions and/or gearboxes
  • Assembling sets
  • Motors & Gear Pumps
  • Factory automation
  • Hoppers

Consumer Transportation

Many mechanical and consumer applications rely on spur gears to help either raise or lower device speeds or multiply torque. The transportation sector is one of the major users of spur gears, pulleys, and splines. They will be found throughout the vehicle from the engine to the axles. These products transmit power and motion between shafts via a collection of mated gears. Many types of consumer and mechanical products use spur gears, pulleys, and splines, from blenders and washing machines to vehicles such as trains, aircraft, and bicycles.

Spur gears, pulleys, and splines offer a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Simplicity — The compact and simple design of spur gears allows for ease of design and installation, regardless of the space requirements and limitations of certain spaces.
  • Constant Speed Drive — Spur gears can increase or decrease shaft speed with optimal precision while maintaining a constant velocity.
  • Reliability — Compared to other types of parts used for transmitting power and motion, spur gears aren’t prone to slipping during use. They’re also less susceptible to premature failure because of their increased durability.
  • Cost-Effectiveness — Spur gears’ simple design enables improved manufacturability. In turn, manufacturing and purchasing these parts is more cost-effective, even for applications requiring custom design specifications.
  • Efficiency — Systems that use spur gears feature power transmission efficiency levels of 95% to 99%. Additionally, they can transfer large quantities of power across a series of multiple gears while avoiding significant power loss.

A variety of applications in the mechanical and consumer industries use spur gears, pulleys, and splines, including:

  • Conveyor systems
  • Gear pumps & motors
  • Speed reducers
  • Vehicle transmissions
  • Machining tools
  • Motors

Industrial & Machinery

Applications in the industrial and machinery industries often use timing belt pulleys, which include a wheel placed on an axle or shaft. These components facilitate the movement and direction of cables or belts along the wheel’s circumference. These industries require components that will withstand millions of cycles and be reliable 24-7. Many industrial applications also use custom splines and gears are also used in printers and smaller industrial machines. Grob can produce a wide range of products for a 20ft spline shaft out of 17-4 stainless to a ¼” aluminum pulley for a printer. Grob also produces lobed shapes that go into hydraulic pumps and motors. Grob will make your product stronger no matter what.

Cold-formed pulleys, spline shafts, spur gears, and lobed shapes also offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Low noise
  • Eliminated need for lubrication
  • High synchronicity levels
  • Small belts and packages for similar loads
  • High power density

Some of the many applications for timing belt pulleys, spline shafts, spur gears, and lobed shapes include

  • Display Equipment
  • Printing Equipment
  • Corrugated Cardboard Handling Equipment
  • Laundry Machines, such as Washers
  • Project Equipment
  • Assembly Lines
  • Automatic Feeding Lines
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Factory Automation Equipment
  • Heavy Machinery: Plastic Extruders, Plastic Injection Molding, CNC Machines
  • Food Processing Equipment

Cold-Formed Products & Band Saws from Grob Inc.

At Grob Inc., we carry a wide variety of cold-formed products and band saws for nearly any application across a wide range of industries. If you would like to learn more about our cold-formed products, take a look at our cold-formed products overview page or request a quote for these products. In addition, we offer high-quality band saws for numerous applications based on our customers’ individual needs. For more information about our band saws and to locate the right products, check out our band saws overview page or find a dealer to get started.

For any other inquiries about our products and help finding the ideal solution for your application, contact us today.